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Explore the power of integrity, respect, resistance, love, and humanity in the work of Felicien Kanyamibwa.

A Tale Worth Telling and Sharing

In an insightful and thought-provoking book, Even Roosters Dream to Fly, the author chronicles the life of a hunter-turned King, Manzi. The story starts in prison, where the imprisoned king narrates his long-life journey to his youngest son. Manzi was adventurous and curious right from his childhood. Hence he challenged everything that came his way. He had a big dream: a dream to become a king one day. However, nothing comes easy.

In this story, Manzi uncovers the situations he had to face after his father’s death and how his sister became a victim of his grandmother’s punishments. Things were not quite easy for him to deal with. Although, he believed that he was destined for greatness and that nothing could stop him. So, he kept moving forward with zeal and passion and endured the pain given by society.

Everything best folklore novels should have, is included in this piece of writing by Felicien. This inspiring story depicts the adaptability and resilience of a person. However, the question emerges: Is becoming a king worth the pain?

Deeply Moved From The Past, Kanyamibwa Speaks From His Personal Experience.

Her sister, in tears, was escorted home by the influential clan leader and a group of young men. For security reasons, his father could not check on his relatives, and most of his brothers and sisters were scared. I volunteered and asked my father to send me instead. He hesitated. Although he was just 11 years old, he convinced his father to let him go to see his relatives.

On his journey, all he could think was the legend of the Legs of Tornado fairy tale whose story his mother used to tell him. I considered himself the hero in the fairy tale, ready to hunt the mythical ferocious and sly beast. He found his relatives sitting in the ashes of their houses burned down by mobs of one ethnic group. The elder among his relatives told him: “Son, go tell your father, my brother, what you saw and let him know that only God can appreciate what he did by sending you, in moments like this, to witness this.”

He shattered in tears, but courageously, like the hero in the tale of Legs of Tornado Novel – The Human Who Outran the Wind, went back home, running without looking back, to report on what he had witnessed. Years have passed since that event, but he remembers what he saw to this day. It was the event that almost got his sisters killed. It was the event that made his family members homeless. It was the event that led his father to sleep-deprived.

Therefore, when you read Felicien Kanyamibwa’s work, you will learn creative views on events and tragedies that happened around the world and have shaped nations, but that have never been told before; or that they were recounted from a different viewpoint of the colonialists or with political motives.

Thus, he considers his work a fresh and original story and a passionate voice that candidly challenges, educates, and inspires. This writing of Felicien is unique and distinct from ordinary classic fairy tale books as it sheds light on different issues and enlightens the audience about various situations. In fact, all of his stories are about overcoming life challenges and achieving dreams, even when the path may be full of sacrifices and major roadblocks, to the point that the results may not be immediately obvious but will be clearly seen in the end results, mostly by future generations. Through his work, Felicien seeks to inspire the younger generation and make the world a better place to live.

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